MPERS withholding new retirement payouts for BRPD; Broome holds firm on current system

Editor’s note: This story has been updated since its original publication to clarify that a judge in 2016 did not throw out the MPERS lawsuit, but rather directed the retirement system to file suit against the individual BRPD officers to receive a declaratory judgment.

The Municipal Police Employees Retirement System plans to withhold retirement payments to Baton Rouge police officers who retire this year until the city-parish stops including overtime pay in the contributions, part of a long-running disagreement between the city-parish and MPERS.

And in the latest development in the dispute, Mayor Sharon Weston Broome shot back today that her administration is holding firm on the city-parish’s current system, which includes overtime pay in the calculation for retirement benefits.

Broome, in a letter to the Metro Council, says her office, in consultation with the parish attorney, is addressing the issues raised by MPERS. No one, as yet, has been denied benefits, says Ben Huxen, the executive director and general counsel of MPERS.

“However, I can assure all of you that, if circumstances change, know that this office stands behind the original agreement and will take the necessary steps it can to protect the interests of the city-parish and its valued law enforcement employees,” Broome says in the letter.

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