Video: Dima Ghawi talks ‘ordinary to legendary’

LSU Quarterback Joe Burrow. (Photography by Todd Kirkland/Icon Sportswire)

For any woman who has ever been told they didn’t have the right skills, or weren’t qualified or that it wasn’t a good time to start their business, there’s inspiration to be found in this  year’s Heisman winner, LSU quarterback Joe Burrow.

In her latest video for The Network, Dima Ghawi says Burrow and the rest of the LSU championship team offer lessons for rising professionals in determination, achieving goals and leadership.

Before landing at LSU as his transfer destination, Burrow—then a former Ohio State quarterback—twice expressed interest in attending Nebraska, but was told he was not good enough. He ended up at Ohio, but ultimately left amid an ongoing 2018 quarterback competition. “You can accept the fact that people are saying those guys are better than you or you can just keep working,” Burrow said in one of his interviews. “That’s what I did.”

“He did something about it,” Ghawi says in her video. “He took a risk and worked extremely hard to achieve.”

Watch the full video, From Ordinary to Legendary, here.

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