W. Trinard Franklin – President CEO, Connectivity Two Designs

I was born in Chicago but went to high school in Greenville, Miss. Because my father was a Marine, in my childhood we moved a lot. I call Baton Rouge home now.

I love computers and helping people solve problems. I found a way to get people to pay me for what I love to do—my definition of a career.

Starting my company, which provides team players with an environment that nurtures professional growth as well as family growth.

I have always been an entrepreneur. My first company was a landscaping business, or, as we said back in the day, “cutting grass.”

Give someone a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay, and everyone goes home satisfied.

A professional soccer player—again, getting paid to do what I love to do.

Becoming a good and faithful husband to Monique and a loving and nurturing father to Marlei.


Patience is the key virtue to life.

I’m reading several trade materials and books at any given time.

My wife, because she is my best friend and guide. My daughter, because she is my heart and passion. Erie and Miller Stuckett, my parents, who chose to guide me in this life.

Will Smith.

Play soccer.

My house.

Sunday morning pillow fight with MJ—Marlei Jade Franklin.

Burbank soccer fields.

Tea, iced and sweet.

Scandal right now, but I also love Law & Order: SVU.

I think the cable DVR is the greatest gadget of the 21st century.

My wife and daughter. Everything else doesn’t really matter.

That it always stays the city that feels like a small town. Leave the big city crazy to our friends to the south, New Orleans.

That it becomes New Orleans north.

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