LSU to move classes online starting March 30 

    In light of recent developments regarding the novel coronavirus outbreak, and in an effort to help contain its spread, LSU today announced plans to move all classes online beginning Monday, March 30. 

    According to a letter to students and the LSU community from Interim President Tom Galligan, classes at all LSU campuses, with the exception of LSU Health Science Centers in Shreveport and New Orleans, will be canceled the week of March 16 to allow faculty to finalize the online availability of course materials and for the school to develop solutions to unique situations that will no doubt arise. Since spring break is the week of March 23, that means there will be no classes for the two-week period beginning March 16.

    The university will remain open and operational during this time, however, and staff members should continue to work normal schedules. Faculty members are being encouraged to continue their research and other work remotely when possible. 

    Students living on campus are encouraged to return home if they are able to do so. If a student is unable to go home, LSU on-campus housing will remain open, although in some cases the university may temporarily relocate some residents to help with social distancing.

    LSU will also prohibit all international travel for faculty and staff and limit domestic business travel to that which is essential to the fundamental academic and research function. The university is also asking faculty, staff and students to disclose any travel plans via an online form so it can assess the risks of infection. 

    “I recognize these actions may be a burden to some, which I assure you we considered when making these decisions,” Galligan writes. “But it’s the right thing to do, and I believe it gives us our best chances at keeping our LSU community as healthy as possible.” 

    LSU will also make an announcement regarding any campus events in the next few days. 

    Read Galligan’s letter here.