Kean’s likely to close Perkins Road store when Acadian Village opens

When Kean’s Fine Dry Cleaning opens in the Acadian Village Shopping Center under development at the intersection of Perkins Road and South Acadian Thruway, it’s unclear what will become of Kean’s freestanding store just a few blocks away—in an iconic midcentury structure at 3109 Perkins Road. But Kean’s owner Rock Rockenbaugh says the existing location will likely shut down. “We could keep both open, but I think we could probably do better if I close Perkins Road,” says Rockenbaugh, who decided to relocate to Acadian Village primarily because the new venue will enable the dry cleaner to offer in-car service. “Most of our locations allow us to do in-car service, and I told the guys at [Acadian Village developer] Commercial Properties years ago I would move if they could give me in-car service.” Relocating to a destination center also makes good business sense for Kean’s, says Rockenbaugh. Acadian Village was originally supposed to open in September, though Rockenbaugh says he believes now it will be sometime later this fall. There’s no word on what might replace Kean’s at its current Perkins Road location. The building is actually owned not by the dry cleaner but by its previous owner, Frank Kean, who sold the business, but not all its properties, to Rockenbaugh in 2003. —Stephanie Riegel

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