Episcopal School says investigation into sexual assault allegation fails to turn up anything


    After nearly five months, an independent investigation into allegations of sexual assault/misconduct by a former employee of Episcopal School of Baton Rouge against a former student has failed to turn up any corroborating evidence.

    In a statement issued today, the school says it retained Baton Rouge attorney Mary Olive Pierson after the allegations surfaced last fall to act as an independent investigator.

    “After an intensive and thorough investigation, Ms. Pierson has found to date no corroboration of the allegation of which we were notified,” the statement reads. “Further, she has found no evidence of any other allegation of sexual misconduct on a student by a current or former employee.”

    The investigation remains open, however, because “if any member of our community is aware of past or current transgressions, we do want to know,” the statement says.

    The alleged abuse occurred during the 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 school years, according to an executive summary prepared by Pierson, in which she says she interviewed parents, teachers and former students who responded to a request for information from the school or were thought to have information about the alleged incident.

    She says their responses were “100% uniform that not only did they have no knowledge of any misconduct or inappropriate behavior by the former employee, they affirmatively stated that the former employee was excellent and effective while employed.”

    While no evidence of wrongdoing has surfaced to date, New Orleans attorney Frank Lamothe III, who represents the alleged victim, says it’s important to note that the school has not closed the books on his client’s case.

    “It is a continuing investigation at this point in time,” Lamothe says. “They remain open to receiving information that would support an allegation.”

    District Attorney Hillar Moore says it is his understanding also that “this is still an open case.”