Take a sneak peek inside the LSU Center for River Studies before it opens next month

    The new $18 million LSU Center for River Studies located off Nicholson Drive at The Water Campus features nearly 10,000 sg. ft. of interactive educational exhibits and a 120-by-90-foot changing floor model of the lower Mississippi River system. The 45,568 sq. ft. Center is a collaborative partnership between Louisiana's Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority and LSU.
    Located at The Water Campus, the LSU Center for River Studies spans more than 45,500-square-feet, including nearly 10,000 square feet of interactive educational exhibits.

    LSU Center for River Studies

    ​100 Terrace Ave.


    Architect: Mougeot Architecture

    Owner: Partnership between LSU and Coastal Protection Restoration Authority

    Contractor: Stuart & Co. General Contractors

    Cost: $18 million

    Completed: February 2018

    Use: Research and education facility

    Form follows function: “This state-of-the-art facility is a comprehensive, integrated physical modeling center that will serve both as a research hub for study of the lower Mississippi River and as an educational facility. The model will provide visual calibration and validation of complex computer models, and will directly facilitate CPRA’s mission and our state Coastal Master Plan. This is a unique collaboration. CPRA is paying for all of the design, construction and construction management, and we will maintain ownership of what’s inside the building—the river model, the exhibits, and all audio/visual equipment—but we will donate the building itself to LSU.”
    —CPRA Executive Director Michael Ellis