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2023 Real Estate Report


The estate of Bubba Lewis, with nearly 15 acres of prime real estate, is for sale, raising the question of what the eventual buyer will do with the property.
baton rouge real estate market

Real Estate Report: Calming waters

Post-pandemic challenges have largely dissipated and the broad Baton Rouge real estate sector has stabilized, though high interest rates are a concern.
baton rouge residential real estate

Single family: A hot market chills

Rising interest rates are slowing sales but the residential real estate market remains healthy, though no longer a seller's paradise.
apartments multifamily

Multifamily: Demand keeps meeting a growing supply

Despite warnings of an overbuilt market, the Baton Rouge apartment sector remains steady as new units keep coming online.
office commercial

Commercial: Changing dynamics

An already oversupplied office market is going through a transformation as tenants are asking for less space and friendlier lease terms.
retail real estate sector

Retail: Uneasy, but holding steady

Though facing a variety of economic pressures, the retail sector remains stable thanks to landlord flexibility and strong consumer spending.
industrial real estate warehouse

Industrial: Tight supply, high demand

The volume and velocity of deals in the industrial sector are expected to remain low in 2023, while lease prices will remain high.