East Baton Rouge Parish sales tax figures rebound in June, climb 5.56%

Sales tax collections for East Baton Rouge Parish rebounded in June, climbing 5.56% above the same month in 2014 after posting a year-over-year loss of 2.48% in May.

The city-parish netted nearly $14.57 million from its 2% sales tax in June, excluding vehicle taxes. That’s an increase of more than $766,000, or 5.56%, from the $13.8 million collected in June 2014.

The city-parish recorded a $349,818 year-over-year drop in May, down 2.48% from the same month last year.

The sales tax haul was buoyed by a rebound in collections outside Baton Rouge’s city limits. After posting a 9.36% drop in May, the unincorporated parts of the parish stockpiled nearly $6.5 million in June 2015, a 4.15% increase over the same month last year.

Daily Report has more details.

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