BR Health District launches COVID-19 vaccine promotion campaign

In an effort to spread accurate information about the COVID-19 vaccine and encourage local community engagement, the Baton Rouge Health District has launched a “COVID SAFE” vaccine promotion campaign among its member health care institutions.

The campaign rollout comes weeks after all the city’s major hospitals started vaccinating their front-line health care workers against the virus—progress the Health District finds “exciting,” executive director Steven Ceulemans says.

“That said, we know it will take time to make the COVID-19 vaccines available to the general public,” Ceulemans says. “We want to share messages of hope and encouragement to keep everyone informed so they feel safe, prepared and ready to get their vaccines as soon as they can.”

Those who received their first vaccine dose will start returning for their second and final doses this week. As the first health care workers complete their vaccinations and vaccination programs continue to expand across the Capital Region, those health care workers and caregivers—whom Ceulemans believes will serve as a “vanguard for how vaccinations will go for the community at large”—will get COVID SAFE T-shirts to show their support for getting as many people as possible vaccinated.

“We also see it as an opportunity for health care providers to share with the community some of their personal experiences with getting the vaccine,” Ceulemans says. “One of the things we’re trying to do is endpoint to the most relevant and accurate information about the COVID 19 vaccine.” 

To that end, a supportive media campaign including print and social media as well as digital marketing will continue to share information on how vaccination is making local hospitals safe against the novel coronavirus. Frequently asked questions about the vaccine, guidance from Baton Rouge’s medical leaders and links to the Louisiana Department of Health for the most up-to-date vaccine rollout plan, among other information, is also available in real-time at and using the #COVIDSAFE social media hashtag.

The campaign will be implemented by the Health District and overseen by a committee of communications leaders of all member institutions, which include Ochsner Health System, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center, Our Lady of the Lake Regional Medical Center, the Baton Rouge Area Foundation, Woman’s Hospital, Pennington Biomedical Research Center, Baton Rouge General Medical Center, and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana.

The Health District has already released a promotional video for the campaign, which can be viewed here.