Video: Secrets for overcoming your fear of public speaking


In this inaugural video for The Network, leadership keynote speaker and executive coach Dima Ghawi shares secrets for overcoming a fear of public speaking.

She shares her own experience of once being so terrified of giving a keynote speech that she prayed her taxi would be involved in an accident so she would have an excuse not to present.

She takes on our fears of making mistakes and disappointing others, the importance of those first few sentences, why we shouldn’t memorize a speech and more.

Dima Ghawi is a businesswoman with experience leading global teams, managing strategic client relationships, and developing future leaders for companies like IBM, Merrill Lynch, and Bank of America. Through her consulting firm, Dima Ghawi LLC, she is a leadership keynote speaker and executive coach. She was also recognized by Business Report this year as one of our 2019 Influential Women in Business. Reach her at

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