Rating the Baton Rouge entrepreneur ecosystem

    Baton Rouge Entrepreneurship Week

    Business Report asked local entrepreneurs to anonymously rate the Baton Rouge entrepreneurial ecosystem on a scale of one to five stars.


    Average Rating


    • “There isn’t anything special about Baton Rouge, especially being a college town—we should be held to a higher standard.”
    • “As far as business friendliness and ease, that was not there at all.”
    • “We had to figure out everything from the ground up, and maybe that’s just how it is, but I didn’t feel resources were there to help.”
    • “People who are in charge of the incubators in Baton Rouge seem to have limited knowledge regarding how to help small business.”
    • “Navigating very cumbersome local and state government regulations as well as finding vendors that can provide products with the quality that can compete at a national level has been a recurring challenge.”


    • “Living in a university town creates lots of valuable resources for entrepreneurs. LSU’s new degree in entrepreneurship will only enhance those resources. BREW week is awesome for aspiring creators.”
    • “We have a lot of talent here in Baton Rouge and Louisiana in general.”
    • “Baton Rouge, especially if you consider its size, has been a very cool ecosystem for us.”
    • “There’s a lot of good stuff happening but also a lot right on the cusp that we need some help with getting over that hump.”