Metro Council to reconsider Millennial Park rezoning request

Two months after his rezoning request was defeated, Millennial Park developer Cameron Jackson will go before the Metro Council Zoning Committee on Wednesday and seek approval to sell alcoholic beverages at his shipping container park on Florida Boulevard.

The council denied Jackson’s original request in January to rezone a section of the park as commercial alcoholic beverage 2, which is used for bars and lounges, after receiving complaints from nearby residents about noise problems, traffic congestion, and a lack of parking.

But the council suggested he instead pursue a commercial alcoholic beverage 1 designation, which is primarily used by restaurants that serve alcohol. Jackson made the change and was hoping for approval at the February meeting, but it was postponed because of the winter storm.

In the weeks since, Jackson has continued to meet with neighbors and council members and is optimistic his rezoning request will be approved.

“Everything has been worked out and figured out,” Jackson says. “I feel good about it.”

Not all neighbors are satisfied, however. Jeanette Brown, for one, plans to turn out tomorrow to register her opposition.

“We don’t have any other choice but to show up at the meeting,” Brown says. “We’re poor, we’re Black and we don’t have anyone to speak for us. Council member Lamont Cole has made that clear.”

Cole, who represents the district and is also Black, is supporting the new request and says while he understands the concerns of residents, he is trying to balance their needs with those of a young entrepreneur.

“It’s a tough situation being in my district,” he says. “You want to support the needs of the district  but you also want to support the entrepreneurship and ingenuity of young people. Hopefully, we have a compromise that can please everyone.”

Cole predicts Wednesday’s vote will be close.

The council meets at 4 p.m.