Learn Mike Wampold’s secrets to spotting opportunity and calculating risks in the February episode of Strictly Business

How did a Baton Rouge developer known for redefining the Baton Rouge landscape spot  opportunities and calculate risks for investment?

Mike Wampold shares the details in the first episode of Business Report‘s Strictly Business webcast, airing Feb. 15. The successful entrepreneur explains how he analyzes the potential of a project while calculating the risks. His unique mind that sees opportunities that others miss and that—along with an uncanny ability to take advantage of cost-saving government partnerships—has led to groundbreaking developments.

We’ll also explore how a young Wampold—uncertain of his future—made an all-in bet on himself to land a deal that changed the course of his professional life. And as a person who considers himself the “ultimate entrepreneur,” Wampold offers his tips for those in the early stages of their business journey.

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Episodes airing on the third Wednesday of each month will be hosted by Business Report’s JR Ball, who will interview successful leaders as they not only share their professional stories but also offer advice to help others grow and improve their business.

In the premier episode, Developer Mike Wampold discusses some of his most iconic projects, explaining how he spots possibilities in the market that others miss, details his risk assessment and offers tips to his fellow entrepreneurs.

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