Here’s what’s happening with national paid family leave

Many predicted that national paid work leave would become a reality in 2021. The pandemic was an indicator that American workers desperately needed financial support, however, the future of national paid leave is still undecided.

In the original version of the Build Back Better Act, Democrats had set aside $500 million for 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave, along with funding for universal Pre-K and an extended child tax credit, Fast Company reports. Democrats eventually scaled the act back to four weeks of leave, and then the addition disappeared from the act altogether.

Following public outcry, a four-week leave policy was reintroduced to the $1.85 billion spending bill, which the House passed today, but no one is sure whether the policy will survive negotiations in the Senate.

Four weeks is a step down from 12 but would be a major milestone for the U.S., one of only six countries in the world without any nationally guaranteed paid leave. Read the full story.