Fantasy sports betting in Louisiana may come in time for football season

FanDuel, the giant wagering platform, confirmed it is on track to provide fantasy sports gambling in Louisiana by the beginning of this year’s football season.

Stacie Stern, governmental affairs director at FanDuel, said in an interview that the company is working with the Louisiana Gaming Board and the State Police to launch its product, Manship School News Service reports.

Two companies have applied to provide fantasy sports contests, according to Maj. Chuck McNeal of the Louisiana State Police Gaming Enforcement Division, who says both entities will be operational soon.

“It will definitely happen before the fall,” says McNeal, “as long as my investigators are getting all the documentation and paperwork they need.”

In 2018, voters in 47 parishes approved daily fantasy games in which users create a fictional roster of players and tally their statistics against other players’ teams for prize money. The games can be played on mobile phones or computers. The state will tax the operators’ net gambling revenue at 8%.

Louisiana was one of only seven states that did not allow fantasy sports betting in 2020. People in the 17 parishes that did not vote in favor will not be able to compete within parish lines.

“Getting the law changed was a really big step for us,” Stern says. “It’s definitely a big sport-fan state, so we’re excited to launch our product.”

Part of the application process is demonstrating to state police that the 17 parishes that did not vote in favor of fantasy gambling will not have access. This process will use geofencing around the parishes that voted against the proposal.

Legislators are debating nine different bills that will set the procedures for gambling on real sports games in Louisiana after 55 parishes voted in favor of that in 2020.

“We’re definitely keeping tabs on those and looking to help support those who are advocating sports betting in any way that we can,” Stern says. “To be able to have legal, regulated sports betting in the Bayou State, I think will be really important for the people of Louisiana and for the state to generate a little bit of revenue.” Read the full story.