Eddie Rispone creates nonprofit to take on Together Baton Rouge

Businessman Eddie Rispone has formed a nonprofit organization—Baton Rouge Families First—that is taking direct aim at Together Baton Rouge, a broad-based community organization that advocates for policies that primarily help the low-income population.

Rispone, a key backer of the failed 2014 St. George incorporation effort, says the purpose of his new organization is to empower lower and middle-income families in Baton Rouge by “encouraging education reform, promoting quality jobs through proactive economic development, and supporting initiatives that strengthen the family structure.”

But the group’s first outreach effort is a five-minute video questioning TBR’s motives, tactics and affiliation with the Chicago-based Industrial Areas Foundation, a nationwide network of community organizations.

“If Together Baton Rouge truly wants to help families you would think they would be working with their ally religious leaders in educating congregants about morals, virtues, independence and family life—the bedrock of a sound society,” the video says. “Instead it seems to many Together Baton Rouge would rather divide the city using socialist, radical tactics and pushing a national agenda.”

Daily Report has the full story. 

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