Dima Ghawi: What are your strengths?

In this video for The Network, leadership keynote speaker and executive coach Dima Ghawi offers valuable assessment tools for identifying and developing your professional strengths.

Noting that it can often be a challenge to pinpoint exactly what we bring to the table and identify how we truly impact our organization, Dima recommends and explains three affordable assessment tools to guide readers through the process:

Strength Finder 2.0

Strengths-Based Leadership

— 360 Reach. Watch this video with instructions on how to use the 360 to get feedback from others who know you, then use this link to send out the survey and to review the input.

After utilizing the assessment tools, which Dima uses with clients in her executive coaching, she notes it’s important to “pause and reflect” on what your strengths are and how you can align them in your professional career.

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Reach Dima Ghawi at Dima@DimaGhawi.com.

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