Business travel may never fully return   

Business travel has remained stymied by the pandemic, even as people take to the skies in droves for vacations. 

And companies are trimming travel budgets for 2022, The Wall Street Journal reports, with this message for employees: Do you really need to go, or can the trip be a Zoom?

“Companies are reevaluating and trying to understand where does travel make sense and where does it not make sense,” says Anthony Jackson, U.S. airlines leader at auditing and consulting firm Deloitte LLP. “Technology will change behavior and how companies will do their jobs.”

One big problem is that many aren’t in offices. As companies delay reopening offices, clients and colleagues are scattered working remotely. And the other big issue for business travel is the efficiency of virtual meetings. Face-to-face is definitely better in many business settings, but in others, video calls work very well. There’s increasing evidence that a fair amount of business travel will be permanently curbed by these technologies. Video calls don’t require hours of waiting in airports, sitting on cramped airplanes or nights away from family. Read the full story.