Broome pens letter criticizing hate and divisive rhetoric in Baton Rouge

Mayor Sharon Weston Broome

An open letter to the citizens of Baton Rouge by Mayor Sharon Weston Broome calling for greater unity in the community and criticizing individuals and media outlets that use their right of free to speech to spew hatred and divisive rhetoric has many around downtown buzzing today.

What, exactly, was the impetus behind the letter?

Broome’s missive doesn’t say, though it suggests any number of hateful comments on social media and websites factored into her decision to send the letter.

“While freedom of speech is one of the pillars that makes this country so beautiful, irresponsibility of such can be used as a tool to separate us as community. As your mayor-president, I stand against hatred, division, and words and actions that only further divide our community,” the letter says. “I do not endorse or support the opinions of any individual or media outlet that would attempt to take us down a path of strife and contentiousness. I write to you today to say that this division cannot and will not be the demise of Baton Rouge.”

Daily Report has the full story. 

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