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Spanish Town Market owners looking to sell iconic Baton Rouge store

The historic Spanish Town Market is up for sale.

The listing price for the iconic, 104-year-old grocery store and café on Spanish Town Road is $120,000. That only includes the business, not the property or building, which is leased, says Jenna Blanche. She and her husband, Taylor Blanche, have owned the market since 2013. They decided to put the grocery on the market after Jenna was accepted into a graduate program at Tulane University.

They’re hoping to sell the store by Dec. 31, but are willing to keep it open for the community as long as it takes to sell it, says Blanche, adding they want to make sure the store’s next owners will carry on its legacy.

“In our opinion, we’re just one part of the store’s long life,” says Blanche. “The store doesn’t belong to us, it belongs to the community. It’s going to live on beyond us.”

Before the Blanche’s bought the store, the market went by the name Capitol Grocery.

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