Outdoor kitchen: The flaming dolphins

The outdoor kitchen of Mike Hackley.

(Photos by Charlene Guilliams)

Neighborhood: Laurel Lakes

Year built: 2000

Designer: Hackley

Size: 200 square feet

Favorite features:

• The kitchen offers a variety of high-quality cooking appliances, including a patent-pending Blaze cast aluminum kamado grill at the center, along with a griddle, a traditional gas grill and a smoker built into the kitchen counter.

• The outdoor fire features accompanying the kitchen are Hackley’s personal favorite attraction. A large fireplace sits below a flat-screen TV near the cooking space, while two gas fire pits, one of which is dolphin-themed, surround the pool.

• A virtually undetectable mosquito-repellant system is built into the perimeter of the outdoor structure to create an invisible wall that keeps flying pests from bothering guests.

“After a long day at work, I love coming home and sitting by the fire pit with a nice steak on the grill in my outdoor kitchen, as I decompress in my little piece of serenity.”

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