Outdoor kitchen: The bearded wizard

The outdoor kitchen of Dr. Thad and Lisa Brousssard.

(Photos by Charlene Guilliams)

Neighborhood: Pikes Lane

Year built: 2011

Designer: Lisa Nice at Post Architects and Stephen Smith at FLO Grills

Size: 900 square feet

Favorite features:

• A little bearded wizard in a green cloak sits atop Broussard’s beloved beer tap and beverage cooler at the edge of his outdoor kitchen, below a tiger’s head statue. The wizard was given to Broussard as a gift by a friend who brews beer.

• An expansive and stunning wine-barrel chandelier imported from Europe hangs from the center of the kitchen space among wooden beams and ceiling material repurposed from an old barn in St. Francisville.

• One feature that stands out from the rest is the fact that Broussard’s outdoor kitchen is screened-in to protect it from the weather and bothersome bugs. Although the screened-in design isn’t popular among everyone, the Broussards say, they’ve come to love it.

“I love being able to have friends and family around me when I cook. Having an outdoor kitchen allows me to make my favorite things like chargrilled oysters, seafood, meat and also make my rouxs for gumbos and stews. Of course, the beer tap close by keeps everyone gathered, too.” 

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