Baton Rouge planners, property owners revisit building height restrictions

Should there be a height limit on buildings in Baton Rouge? In a city that doesn’t have much of a skyline, it may seem like a funny question. But it’s one that city planning officials are mulling, and they’ve been meeting with downtown property owners to get their feedback.

Currently, the city-parish zoning code doesn’t limit the height of buildings anywhere in the parish. Earlier this year, however, the Zoning Advisory Committee—an informal group that advises the planning director—began discussing whether there should be limits and, if so, whether they should apply in all districts zoned for office use, which includes downtown, or only some of them.

“The issues we are looking at are should there be a height limit and, if so, should it be everywhere?” says Planning Director Frank Duke. “And, if so, should it be the same everywhere or should there be different levels?”

Duke says the discussions are only in the very preliminary stage and that before the matter would come to a decision, if it even gets that far, he wants plenty of feedback. To that end, he has asked Downtown Development District Executive Director Davis Rhorer to meet with downtown property owners and get their opinions on the issue.

Daily Report has the full story. 

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