Publisher: McAllister making La. a national punchline


    In his latest column, Business Report Publisher Rolfe McCollister notes that the political class in Washington, D.C., had scarcely finished having a good laugh about Louisiana’s ex-con, ex-governor running for Congress at 86—with a 36-year-old wife and newborn baby in tow—when out pops another knee-slapper: Vance McAllister, the “kissing Congressman.” “Just what we need,” McCollister writes. “While we all pray for the day when Louisiana can stop making negative headlines, politicians like Congressman Bill Jefferson, Mayor Ray Nagin, Gov. Edwin Edwards, Sen. David Vitter and now McAllister make for pretty embarrassing reading, and the nation eats it up. Don’t you hate being the butt of national jokes?” McCollister predicts the scandal will spell the end of McAllister’s already-short political career, if not by his own resignation—which he has thus far resisted, despite the state Republican Party and Gov. Bobby Jindal calling for him to step down—then by his defeat in November at the polls. “Maybe the biggest impact this incident will have will be on Vitter in his run for governor,” McCollister adds. Also in his new column, McCollister notes that BREC recently got its 10-year dedicated tax renewal—which is vital to its operating budget—passed with just 59% of the vote. “But now it must look to the future and see how the organization will meet the needs of a changing and growing market—and there will be important and tough decisions to make,” writes McCollister, who has long championed eliminating golf from City Park. “One will be dealing with golf. The status quo is not sustainable.” Read the full story. Send your comments to