Edwards releases his legislative agenda for upcoming session

Gov. John Bel Edwards today released his legislative agenda for the regular session that starts April 12. 

Edwards’ top priorities are enhancing pay for teachers and support staff, increasing investments in higher education, fighting discrimination in auto insurance rates, closing Louisiana’s gender pay gap and making it mandatory to report Title IX violations on college campuses.

“In order to create a Louisiana that is thriving, we have to make sure everyone has fair access to opportunities for success, which is why my legislative package centers not only on improving education funding and teacher pay, but also on ensuring equal treatment under the law and advocating for those who need our help, including those living with disabilities, victims of trafficking, those in foster care and all people who have been denied opportunity because of their gender,” Edwards says in his announcement. 

Among Edwards’ list of bills for the session are: 

Title IX mandatory reporting—HB409: Requires certain reporting requirements for sexual assault and sexual harassment in higher education.

Cause of action for sexual harassment—HB379: Provides for cause of action and exemplary damages against a perpetrator of sexual harassment.

Pre-dispute arbitration for sexual harassment—HB439: Prohibits employers from requiring prospective employees to consent to pre-dispute arbitration of a sexual harassment claim as a condition of employment.

Auto insurance discrimination—SB55: Prohibits insurance rate determinations based on risks classified by gender, age, credit score/rating, and marital status.

Workplace accommodations for pregnant women and postpartum workers—SB215: Requires employers to provide pregnant and postpartum employees with reasonable accommodations in the workplace to facilitate safe and healthy pregnancies and better infant and maternal health outcomes. See Edwards’ agenda here.