Why your website remains relevant, and how to maximize its potential 

    When the internet began entering American households 25 years ago, it hardly seemed like a marketing revolution.

    There was one commercial web browser and about 10,000 sites, none of which came remotely close to the present versions of Amazon, YouTube and Google.

    So, a quarter century and countless innovations later, does it matter if your business has a website? The answer is a resounding, unequivocal yes.

    Consider that Google gets, on average, more than 63,000 web searches per second. Websites are still the internet’s meat and potatoes when it comes to the way consumers get information.

    Websites offer complete control in telling your company’s story, especially the creative elements. That’s something social media just isn’t geared for.

    And websites provide invaluable data on your audience and how it interacts with your brand and products.

    Your website isn’t a necessity, it’s the foundation for marketing, branding, engagement and getting potential customers into your sales funnel.

    How well does your site accomplish those? The Network has the full story with some questions and tips to make sure your website performs as effectively as possible.

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