How I get it done: Glynna Mayers

Gynna Mayers Submitted photo.

Glynna Mayers currently serves as the senior regional marketing and business development coordinator at Jones Walker LLP. With two offices—Baton Rouge and New Orleans—to coordinate events, marketing and business development for, the range of tasks she has to tackle often changes day-to-day.

“I have a pretty full plate that keeps me on my toes,” she says. Here, the soon-to-be mother tells The Network how she manages her hectic day and shares some tips from her own notebook. 

Mornings: Waking up around 7:30 a.m., Mayers starts her day by going through her emails with a cup of coffee. “First thing, I’ve got to see what I’ve got coming down the pipeline or what came through overnight. Often what’s in my inbox helps set the pace for the day.” Because her days are always evolving, she makes a do-do list each morning listing tasks and upcoming deadlines, as well as a “top three things to get done” mini-list that sets priorities. 

Lunch: If she’s got meetings with attorneys during lunch, Mayers will grab a quick bite before the meeting. But if she doesn’t have a meeting during lunch, she likes to separate herself from the workday and eat lunch on a patio. “I’m able to decompress from the morning, plan for the afternoon, and, if I have to, run errands.” 

Evenings: Mayers enjoys working in the evenings and finds herself “getting into gear” in the late afternoon. Eventually, she shifts her focus to extracurriculars and professional organizations that she’s a part of, like Junior League of Baton Rouge. She aims to sit down for dinner with her husband and to log off of her computer by 8 p.m. “I like to completely shut down my phone, computer and iPad, so that I can unwind from the day.”

Mayers’ favorite tech tricks  

Group messaging with staff: The GroupMe app, which allows for multiple people to see a message thread.
Email: Microsoft Outlook
Social media management: Hootsuite, a platform that can schedule social media posts on multiple platforms ahead of time.
Calendar: Apple Calendar app, which is synced with Outlook’s calendar.
Editing: Grammarly. “I have it on my desktop and phone, and it’s been a lifesaver, especially for emails sent while I’m on-the-go.”

Mayers’ productivity hacks 

Always have a notebook. Perhaps a tip-of-the-hat to her past life as a newspaper reporter, Mayer always carries a notebook—a medium-sized steno pad—and a pen.
Invest in a really good yearly calendar. Mayer personally uses a Lily Pulitzer agenda, which is sturdy and comes in a range in sizes.
Close-knit set of coworkers. By having a group of coworkers she can talk to and trust, Mayers is held accountable to stay on top of things and can reach out for assistance if needed.

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