Sync Life: Pioneering a new era in healthcare with a proactive and personalized approach

Throughout her 18-year career as a pharmacy owner, Angie Huff forged connections with her clientele, but also witnessed an alarming trend—a continuous rise in medication consumption coupled with stagnant health outcomes. Instead of getting better, many of her customers were stuck in a cycle of increasing medications and unwavering health conditions.

“Though I was conventionally trained (Doctor of Pharmacy), I knew in my heart there had to be a better way,” she says. “Traditional medicine can be flawed in ways, as it’s built around waiting for someone to get ill. It’s not proactive in keeping you well.”


Top executives: Max and Angie Huff, Owners

Phone: 225.425.7962

Address: 18303 Perkins Road E., #403, Baton Rouge, LA 70810


Huff’s solution? Break the prescription/condition cycle with a proactive approach.

In 2016, she began crafting a new era in healthcare with SYNC Wellness. In the infancy stage of her current practice, known as SYNC Life, Huff began SYNC Wellness with a focus on pharmaceutical-grade supplements that she made available at her pharmacy. As COVID-19 accelerated the growth of her company due to the demand for expert guidance on supplements, SYNC Wellness expanded into a standalone facility.

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