Businesses with front-line workers must complete vaccine survey by next week 

The Louisiana Department of Health today announced that employers and business owners who have been notified by the Louisiana Immunization Program as having personnel that could be offered an early COVID-19 vaccine need to complete a survey by Nov. 25. 

Businesses with eligible employees will have already been contacted by the health department because of the nature of their work and the critical role they play in societal function. 

Additionally, LDH says that for health care providers to receive COVID-19 vaccine for eventual administration to patients, they have to first enroll in the CDC’s COVID-19 Vaccine Program. It is suggested that employers do this now before vaccines begin to become available to the state. 

The state began working on a vaccine distribution plan earlier this year, called the COVID-19 Vaccination Playbook, using existing infrastructure from Louisiana’s other vaccination programs. When it is approved by the federal government, any vaccine will be distributed to the public through multiple mechanisms, including a combination of public and private providers. In Louisiana, most COVID-19 vaccine providers are already registered vaccine providers, but should double check with the health department.