BRAC’s economic indicator dashboard shows little improvement 

The Baton Rouge Area Chamber today released its COVID-19 economic indicator dashboard that examines and assesses the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the regional economy. 

Week-over-week data continues to show little movement across major indicators.

“Residents’ response to the increased rate of positive test results has been to curtail non-work travel and spending, which will have a negative impact on the suffering leisure and hospitality industry,” says Andrew Fitzgerald, senior director of business intelligence for BRAC, in a prepared statement. “Nationally, people have engaged in commerce when they feel safe, not when a governmental order tells them they can go spend money; that is holding true in the Capital Region as well. Bottom line: economic recovery hinges on stopping the spread.”  

Key takeaways from this week’s dashboard include: 

• Consumer spending was flat or down in the largest Capital Region parishes.

• Retail fuel sales were up significantly at the state level and slightly at the metro level. 

• Mobility data shows more driving to work by regional residents, but less driving to parks, retail and recreation sites.

• The number of weekly unemployment claims was relatively static for the third consecutive week. 

• Hotel occupancy was up for the week, potentially due to travel related to the special legislative session. 

• While COVID-related deaths and mortality rates are flat, positive test rates and hospitalizations are up.

See the full dashboard here.

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