Gulf oil and gas platforms still offline two weeks after Ida 

Nearly half of U.S. offshore oil production remains out of service two weeks after Ida barreled through the Gulf of Mexico as a Category 4 hurricane, making it the most damaging storm for the region’s output in more than 15 years, The Wall Street Journal reports. 

Offshore producers evacuated 288 platforms before Ida, more than half the total platforms in the Gulf.

Shell says a significant amount of production remains offline, and the company wouldn’t say when it will be fully restored. The company’s biggest concern is the Mars corridor, its largest source of production in the Gulf, where its three biggest platforms were damaged. 

Damage onshore has been the primary obstacle to recovery. Key ports and airports were knocked out, slowing the redeployment of staff and equipment. Oil and gas processing plants and other critical onshore facilities were damaged or remain without electricity. Companies are also contending with COVID-19, which has spread through their workforce. Read the full story.