GBR Industry Alliance reports ‘minimal damage’ from Hurricane Ida

Most Greater Baton Rouge Industry Alliance members suffered only “minimal damage” from Hurricane Ida, GBRIA reports today. 

GBRIA says it received similar reports from New Orleans-area plants it surveyed. 

“Members are working to survey all the damage and restore operations of their plants,” says Connie Fabré, president and CEO of GBRIA. “Starting up the industrial manufacturing corridor is a careful orchestration of many resources including labor, power, raw materials and transportation.”

Industrial facilities in Ida’s path shut down ahead of the storm, sending all personnel home except for a “ride-out crew,” Fabré says. Half of the sites lost power, and the Kansas City Southern rail line and a nitrogen supply pipeline between Baton Rouge and New Orleans were taken down by the storm. 

Types of damage reported include damage to signs and insulation or metal roofs blowing off. A few said their office buildings were affected or control rooms took on water. 

As plants work to start back up, the most difficult challenges include the restoration of nitrogen and utilities, especially electricity. 

Plants that still have power have begun working through the slow process to restart operations, Fabré notes. The availability of employees also is a factor in when plants can restart.

Fabré plans to survey members again next week.  

The Alliance Safety Council locations in Baton Rouge, Gonzales and Addis are fully operational, while the Walker location will be closed until Sept. 8.