Tim Kight takes on relentless leadership in the December episode of 21st Century Business Forum

    Relentless leadership. Is it a good thing? Tim Kight would insist that it is.

    He is the founder and CEO of Focus 3 and a lifelong student of exceptional leadership, noting there is a long line of organizations with talented people who fail to produce results equal to their potential, and he points the finger for that failure directly at leadership.

    Kight will share his insights into relentless leadership and more in the Dec. 14 episode of 21st Century Business Forum. Registration is free; sign up here.

    Effective leaders, Kight says, take organizations beyond talent to a place reserved for the truly exceptional. Nothing can stop the organization that harnesses the power of leadership. And, not surprisingly, nothing can help the organization that doesn’t.

    A lifelong student of elite performance—with the passion and drive to help individuals and organizations maximize their potential—Kight founded Focus 3 in the mid-1980s in Southern California.

    Following his freshman year at Ohio State, Kight transferred to UCLA to run track. It was at UCLA that he witnessed John Wooden win his 9th and 10th national championships. This unprecedented achievement by Coach Wooden and the UCLA basketball team triggered a great curiosity in Tim as to what distinguishes elite performers from average performers, a quest he has been pursuing ever since.

    In the following years, Kight began observing, curating, and documenting the mindset and behavior patterns of elite performers. He ultimately discovered that elite performers think and behave differently because they’ve adopted a system. Now, a new question arose … what systems actually work?

    Through diligent study and research—as well as application in the real world—Kight discovered the power of The Performance Pathway: Leaders create the culture that drives the behavior that produces results. Kight then built actionable, high-impact systems for developing exceptional leaders, strengthening organizational culture, and equipping people to perform at their best.

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