New Business Report Selling Academy can help your team flourish in sales

For companies looking for comprehensive, customized training to grow their next generation sales force, Business Report this spring is launching an innovative new solution: The Selling Academy.

The training is designed around the premise that winning over today’s customers requires salespeople to be bolder, highly innovative and more skilled than ever before.

“COVID accelerated changes in the way people sell and buy,” says Business Report Chairman and Publisher Julio Melara. “We have had several companies inquire about sales training and we are listening to the market. This first session is specifically designed for people with one to five years of experience. Our training will accelerate the learning curve for people in the sales profession.”

The Selling Academy is a four-week experience that will help your people with one to five years of experience develop and maintain the right mindset to flourish in sales, increase their closing ratio, provide them with the skills to overcome objection, build relationships that develop more business for your company and develop the art of asking effective questions to reveal customer needs.

Business Report is a leader in professional training in the Capital Region. For the past seven years, we have partnered with Capital Region companies to provide high-level professional development through our Leadership Academy, now with more than 400 alumni. We’re also making an impact on the future of our schools through our Professional Educators Leadership Academy.

Each class will be limited in size to ensure a more personalized experience, and we anticipate this academy―unique to the market―will fill up fast. 

Get the details and registration information for the March 2023 session at