Get to the ‘next level’ in business with Business Report Leadership Academy

    “A life-changing experience that creates self-awareness and tools to be your best self.” “It’s informative, enlightening and will help you get to the next level in your leadership.” “This leadership program gave me so much value. It exceeded my expectations.”

    That’s just a sampling of reviews from rising leaders and business owners in Baton Rouge who are now among the 180 alumni of the Business Report Leadership Academy. They represent more than 125 companies in South Louisiana—from family businesses and public companies to nonprofits and startups.

    Business Report started the academy three years ago with the goal of helping entrepreneurs, managers and executives broaden their leadership skills. See a complete list of graduates here.

    Executives and owners know the benefit of having strong leaders in a company and the importance of training those leaders. The Leadership Academy offers five sessions with exclusive programming. It’s a dynamic experience that combines personal assessment, coaching, applied learning, networking and thought leadership. Some of Baton Rouge’s most successful CEOs share their personal stories of challenge and success. 

    Business Report is now accepting applications for the Fall 2020 session. To apply, nominate or get more details, just click here.