COVID test supply shortage hampers free, at-home testing program


A recently passed federal policy requires health insurance providers to cover the costs of at-home COVID-19 tests, WBRZ reports.

However, pharmacists, insurers and even politicians like Mayor Sharon Weston Broome say the free tests are in short supply here in Louisiana and across the country.

“They’re leading people to believe that after Jan. 15, they can just show up at a pharmacy and get a free test, but it’s obviously not going to work like that. We can’t get them,” says TJ Woodard of Prescriptions To Geaux. 

Insurers will be required to pay for eight tests per month for each policyholder, but getting those tests may be impossible, Woodard says. Blue Cross Blue Shield Association President and CEO Kim Keck today announced that BCBS backs the idea of free tests, but says that due to test shortages the plan may not be feasible. Read the full story.