Why are McDonald’s ice cream machines always broken? The FTC is on the case

An icy McFlurry or milkshake from one of the dozen or so McDonald’s locations in the Baton Rouge area would be nice right now when many residents are caught without air conditioning in late summer heat, except—as many McDonald’s customers know—the chain’s ice cream machines are hardly ever working. 

McDonald’s ice cream machine breakdowns are so common they have become a joke across the country, and it finally reached the Federal Trade Commission, The Wall Street Journal reports

The FTC reached out to McDonald’s franchisees this summer seeking information on what, exactly, is going on with the broken ice cream machine problem, according to a letter it sent, viewed by The Wall Street Journal, and people familiar with the matter. The FTC wants to know how McDonald’s reviews suppliers and equipment, including the ice cream machines, and how often restaurant owners are allowed to work on their own machines. 

The issue has even gone to the White House, with the Biden administration scrutinizing a range of products, from phones to tractors, on whether manufacturers impede owners from fixing the products themselves. Read the full story.