What the ‘new normal’ may look like in 2022 workplaces


Offices were forever changed in March 2020, and for many businesses, those changes have yet to be reversed. Going into 2022, some offices will need to make changes to address the disruption of the past couple of years.

There are four human-centric strategies businesses can use to improve employee-employer relationships, retain staff and recruit new workers, Inc. reports.

  • The Great Resignation is a wake-up call. Even if the number of people quitting changes, their reasons won’t, and in order to build employee loyalty, employers must create a positive culture.
  • The future of work is hybrid. Over half of the workers looking for a job in August 2021 said they needed more workplace flexibility. People like working parents are burnt out. Employers must separate work that needs to be done together from individual work in order to allow workdays to flow more smoothly.
  • Diversity and inclusion will grow. A key concept going into the next year will be respect. Respect leads to growth of a diverse workforce but also allows diverse ideas to thrive.
  • The slow return of women to the workforce will be a challenge. Women left the workforce in droves in 2020 and those numbers were exacerbated by companies dropping family coverage and many schools continuing to be closed. Employers should strive to recruit women by touting flexibility in scheduling and career paths. Partnering with child care or participating in advocacy for working mothers and fathers will build trust in your organization. Read the full story.