Managers navigate workplace tension as vaccine mandate looms

Business owners are facing challenges preparing for President Biden’s vaccine mandate, with some saying the mandate is heightening hiring problems and causing tension among workers, The Wall Street Journal reports.

While many employers are dealing with the Great Resignation, a potential new problem comes in the form of a vaccine mandate for businesses with 100-plus workers. If unvaccinated, employees must test negative weekly and wear a mask. Due to some legal pushback, the rule is now scheduled to be in place by Jan. 4.

The mandate received mixed reviews from executives, with some saying the federal mandate relieves the pressure on companies to create their own rules. But some employers are expecting additional workers to quit, exacerbating the already difficult search for employees. Mask policies also create division among workers, some employers say.

Small companies aren’t required to mandate a vaccine yet, as OSHA is still assessing whether those companies will have the ability to do so. But many smaller businesses are preparing and adding new policies anyway. Read the full story.