Surveys still show workers in no hurry to return to office

Some Americans have a new outlook on remote working: They prefer it, The Wall Street Journal reports

In June and July, 1,388 people working from home were asked for their impressions of the experience by workplace consulting firm Global Workplace Analytics and video technology company Owl Labs.

The new arrangement, it turns out, suited many of them.

While roughly 27% said they would have considered such a setup to be ideal before the coronavirus pandemic started, 80% said they would like to continue working remotely for three days of the week or more once the pandemic is over. Many of the respondents said they would prefer remote work for all five days of the workweek. 

Another set of 10,000 employees surveyed by the Becker Friedman Institute for Economics at the University of Chicago said they felt the work-from-home situation was either just as productive or more so than the office. Some told the researchers that home was 30% more productive.

Will remote work last at the companies that embraced it in 2020? Consumer brand companies are betting the work-from-home culture is here to stay and are expanding and revamping factories that make everything from coffee to casual clothes.

The key to remote-work longevity, say some observers, is whether companies can formalize guidelines so all employees are treated equally across the organization. If that happens, they say, companies and workers may benefit. Read the full story