Strategies for small businesses competing in a hot job market  


Businesses of all sizes are struggling to find workers these days—but the hunt can be especially difficult for small companies, which must find ways to stand out among larger competitors.

Some smaller players have discovered tactics that help them succeed in this tough environment. They are attracting and retaining talent by leveraging advantages that large corporations don’t have, and offering attractive lures that big companies can’t necessarily match. Here’s a look at some of those strategies, according to The Wall Street Journal:  

  • Use easily searchable job titles—At many small companies, employees wear lots of hats, so they often have more flexibility when it comes to creating titles. But what you call a role can impact your ability to attract candidates. 
  • Stress the culture—Small companies often find it hard to compete on salary, but they often have an edge on larger ones when it comes to culture: Thanks to their size, it’s much easier for them to foster a unified and welcoming culture that big competitors can find hard to match.
  • Refine the interview process—Small businesses can also be more nimble than big rivals in interviewing candidates because they usually don’t have red tape and entrenched methods for handling the task. 

Move quickly—When small businesses have an applicant they like, it is crucial for them to leverage their ability to make quick decisions. Read the full story.