Roundup: Corporate tax rate / Port of South Louisiana / iPhone security 

Rate hike: House Democrats unveiled a sweeping proposal today for tax hikes on big corporations and the wealthy to fund President Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion rebuilding plan, as Congress speeds ahead to shape the far-reaching package. For big businesses, the proposal would lift the 21% corporate tax rate to 26.5% on incomes beyond $5 million. Read the full story. 

Executive search: The Port of South Louisiana, which stretches 54 miles along the Mississippi River, today announced it has hired West Coast recruiting firm Shey-Harding Executive Search to assist in its efforts to hire a new administrator. The new executive director will assist with the port’s long-range plans and hurricane restoration efforts.   

Software update: Apple issued emergency software updates for a critical vulnerability in its products today after security researchers uncovered a flaw that allows highly invasive spyware from Israel’s NSO Group to infect anyone’s iPhone, iWatch or Mac computer without so much as a click, The New York Times reports. Apple’s security team has been working around the clock to develop a fix since last Tuesday, after researchers at a cybersecurity watchdog organization discovered that a Saudi activist’s iPhone had been infected with spyware from NSO Group. Read the full story.