Relief Telemed rebrands to reflect changes in business

Baton Rouge-based Relief Telemed is rebranding to Relief, the company announced this morning, as a reflection of how it has expanded and shifted in the past year and how it will continue to do so moving forward. 

Though the company, headquartered in the Nexus Louisiana Technology Park, has been growing for years, the pandemic escalated that growth, causing it to pivot to meet demands and medical needs of the community

Vishal Vasanji, Relief co-founder and CEO, began brainstorming the rebrand in September after he recognized that investors saw it merely as a telemedicine company, a categorization he feels sells the company short. 

“If you look at what we did last year and intend to do moving forward, we’re much more than a telemedicine company,” Vasanji says. “I felt we were being categorized into a bucket that didn’t match what we did and what we’re going to do.”

Along with a new name, the company is launching a new mobile app, a new website and a new web address——at the end of February. Internally, the company has already dropped Telemed from its name, says Vasanji, but the rebranding won’t be official until the website and mobile app are released. 

The timing of the rebranding is also symbolic, Vasanji says. 

“It’s a new year, so we’re turning the page on 2020, and we’re also turning the page on the company and how we’re moving forward,” he says. “We’re setting the stage for 2021 and beyond for the growth of our company.”