News alert: Darryl Gissel to be named new CAO

Mayor Sharon Weston Broome will name realtor Darryl Gissel as the city’s new chief administrative officer Thursday morning, Daily Report has learned.

Gissel declines to comment, except to say, “I have always offered my support and help to the mayor.”

Gissel, who ran as a non-party candidate in the 2016 mayor’s race, later served on one of Broome’s transition teams. He is a native of New Orleans, who has lived in Baton Rouge for more than 30 years as a businessman and civic leader. He is also a former executive director of the Louisiana Republican Party and served as a special assistant to former Gov. Dave Treen in the early 1980s.

Earlier today, Broome issued a press release saying she would name a permanent CAO on Thursday.

—Stephanie Riegel 

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