Mattress sale at the movie studio? A sign of the times in the former Hollywood South

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Early today, the Louisiana Entertainment office released a list of film and television activity under way this month in the state. All six projects are being done in New Orleans. Baton Rouge is noticeably absent from the list.

Coincidentally, a front page wrap advertisement in The Advocate this morning promoted a mattress sale being held in Stage 5 at Celtic Studios, which routinely leases out its cavernous sound stages for alternative uses now that most of the studio’s movie and TV business has dried up.

“Revenue is the name of the game,” says Aaron Bayham, Celtic’s director of operations. “We do what we have to do to keep the doors open.”

The ad and the announcement, coming on the same day, are stark reminders of how much the fate of what was once called Hollywood South has changed in the past two years.

Daily Report has the full story.

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