Lundi Gras power outage impacts Perkins Road businesses

Red Zepllin Pizza

Although power has been restored for the 110 customers around the Perkins Road and College Drive intersection who experienced a blackout last night, businesses in the area are still grappling with repercussions from the outage.

“It’s been a nightmare,” says Red Zeppelin Pizza Owner Ray vanMerrienboer.

Red Zeppelin, located in the Southdowns Shopping Center, closed yesterday afternoon around 4 p.m., shortly after a vehicle struck a utility pole near Balis Drive and Perkins. The crash knocked out power for more than 100 Entergy customers in the area.

The problems at Red Zepplin spilled over into Tuesday as the restaurant has struggled to regain internet access.

Southfin Southern Poké Co-owner Eusebio Gongora says his business was “one of the lucky ones.” After shutting down the restaurant yesterday, the staff was able to move supplies to the company’s Corporate Drive restaurant to be refrigerated.

“You never want to shut down your business, but there was no way we could keep the business open at that time,” Gongora says. Since reopening today, the business hasn’t had any outage-related problems.


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