LSU faculty researching next-gen learning environment for construction, engineering

LSU construction management professors Yimin Zhu and Amirhosein Jafari are researching how new technology can be leveraged to create next-generation learning environments for architecture, engineering and construction engineering.

Zhu and Jafari were awarded an $87,000 grant by the National Science Foundation to support the project, which could benefit regional businesses. The pair are also working on a two-part workshop series to inspire conversations between the three fields as well as with educators, researchers and students. 

The workshops will include speakers and participants recruited from community colleges, minority-serving institutions and nondesignated Research I institutions. The professors also plan to invite construction industry representatives, says Joshua Duplechain, director of communications for the College of Engineering, but have not made decisions on who that will be.

“The main expected outcome is a shared vision of the next-generation, learning-centered environment,” Zhu said in a prepared statement, “including its characteristics, grand challenges and opportunities, and a road map for research and implementation.”

The first workshop, Nov. 15-17, will be virtual. The second is scheduled for June 2022 in Minneapolis.