LSU board approves president’s contract, COVID vaccination guidelines

The LSU Board of Supervisors met today in Alexandria and approved new COVID vaccination guidelines along with a contract for the system’s new president, William Tate.

The LSU Faculty Council had asked the board to require vaccinations for students coming back to school in the fall and to enforce social distancing and mask mandates until the vaccination policy is enforced. 

The board instead voted 9-2 to encourage the Louisiana Department of Health to put the COVID-19 vaccinations on its schedule of immunizations required for attendance at Louisiana public colleges and universities once they gain final FDA approval, to encourage students to get vaccinated and to offer incentives to those students who elect to get the shot. 

Meanwhile, the board approved President William Tate’s contract, which includes an annual salary of $750,000. The contract, which runs through June 2026, also includes a stipulation stating that failure to comply with LSU policies regarding Title IX or failing to report a Title IX incident could lead to termination.