Louisiana Survey: In local media we trust, bias and all

Yes, there’s bias but Louisiana residents generally trust what they read, hear and see on local media. As for the national media … well … not so much.

This according to the sixth, and final, report from the 2018 Louisiana Survey, which overall reveals positive results for local news organizations. Overall, 78% of state residents surveyed trust the information they receive from local news either “a lot” or “some,” while just 57% of respondents trust the information they get from national news. Furthermore, about three-fourths of residents say local news organizations keep them very well informed (25%) or fairly well informed (49%) about state politics.

Fifty-six percent of respondents believe local news organizations generally get the facts straight, compared to 32% who trust the accuracy of reporting by national news organizations.

Though their trust in information is high, 60% of people surveyed think local news organizations are biased in their reporting, with only 36% saying they deal fairly with all sides.

Daily Report has the full story. 

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